Bridal Designs Bridal Designs Classic Updo 143458444 Classic Updo We updated the style by making it a bit exaggerated, and finished it with a show stopping sidepiece. This style works best with long hair, but as also with Hair Extensions or Falls the look can be achieved with almost any hair length. 143458438 Classic Updo This Audrey Hepburn inspired sleek updo is always a classic. 143458439 Princess Before 143458442 Princess Modern Renaissance. This look is perfect for brides who want a natural look, yet don't want to look to like everyday. This style works best with shoulder length hair or longer. Hair Extensions can be used to achieve the look on shorter hair. 143458440 Princess 143458441 Cosmopolitan Bride Paris, Milan or New York City, no matter where you may be this look is definitely a head turner. This style is has a look of sophistication and ease. Not an updo, yet not all down. This style is a nice alternative to both. 143458445 Cosmopolitan Bride 143458446 Cosmopolitan Bride 143458447 Fashionista Traditional, yet Oh So Fab! We never get tired of this classic bridal hairstyle 143458448 Fashionista 143458749 Fashionista 143458750 Beach Bride Before 143458751 Beach Bride Perfect for a beach wedding, this soft, relaxed wedding hairstyle looks casual, yet polished. 143458752 Beach Bride 143458753 Glam Here's a vintage Hollywood hairstyle that's absolutely glam. Paired with a dramatic gown, peep toe pumps and sparkling jewelry and you're ready for a red carpet kind of day. 143458754 Glam 143458760 Glam 143458755 Goddess Before 143458757 Goddess Here's a "something special" wedding hairstyle that's dressy but not overdone. With this style the hair is worn down like you might wear it every day, but tons of soft ringlets give it an extra shot of glamour for your wedding day. 143458759 Goddess 143458758 143458756 Luxuriosly Long What's the secret to hair that's this fabulously full and luxuriously long? Our model is wearing a set of ModelBride hair extensions! 143458764 Luxuriosly Long This is a great option if you want to wear a hairstyle that's special but still want to feel like "you" on your wedding day. The hair is worn down like you might wear to the office, but the fullness and curls are definitely not 143458761 Luxuriosly Long 143458762 Modern Twist Instead of fighting against your naturally curly or wavy hair, this style works with it. The result is a modern updo with texture and depth. 143458763 Modern Twist Our model, Brea has straight, fairly thin hair cut in a short bob. This style will also work well with wavy, thick or long hair. 143458765 Natural Glam Texture, dimension and softness. This year's hottest hairstyles are about all three. 143458766 Natural Glam 143458767 Natural Glam Gone are the days of sleek, stiff overly hair sprayed styles. Brides want to look glamorous yet natural. 143458768 Polished A sleek, smooth style that can be accessorized a number of ways. Try a grouping of hair pins, a tiara comb at the crown or nothing more than a simple veil for a polished look. 143458769 Polished This style depends on smooth hair so wavy or curly hair will have to be straightened first. No matter what your hair texture, consider using a smoothing product before styling. Good news for gals with thin hair, this style will work nicely for you! 143458770 Red Carpet Before 143458773 Red Carpet Oversized hairpins give this updo a shot of glamour. It's a fitting look for the red carpet, or a walk down the aisle. 143458771 Red Carpet This is a hairstyle that's appropriate for many hair types - thin or thick, wavy or straight. For hair with a bit of curl or wave, have your stylist straighten it with a flat iron or blow dryer before beginning. If you have very curly hair you may be better off choosing a style that works with your natural curl instead of against it. 143458772 Sleek and Smooth Here's a look from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Oh, so sophisticated. 143458774 Sleek and Smooth This hairstyle is perfect for the bride who wants to look like herself on her wedding day just a bit more polished. This look works best on shoulder length hair or longer, however this look can be achieved on short hair by adding Hair Extensions. 143458775 Traditional This wedding hairstyle has a classic, romantic look thanks to soft ringlets studded with pearl hairpins. 143458776 Traditional When a bride describes her look as "romantic", "fairytale" or "traditional", Tiffany suggests this updo as a nice way to complement a classic gown and accessories. This style is great for brides with naturally curly hair, but a curling iron can create the same effect for straight hair. 143458777 Cascading Curls Here's a soft, romantic wedding hairstyle that gives you a variety of options for accessorizing with a veil, a set of hair pins, combs or a royal tiara. 143458778 Cascading Curls This style works with naturally curly hair, but a curling iron can create the same effect for straight hair In order to get this full updo your hair should be at, or beyond your shoulders. 143458779